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Zeppelin new design

In order to fuel their factories and workshops, the Dwarves need vast amounts of resources, which they tend to acquire by any means necessary. Often the resources must be transported as quickly and silently as possible. Nothing could serve these purposes better than a Zeppelin.

Trained in: Flying workshop

Basic stats

Damage 120 (physical) + 4 per upgrade

Healthpoints 375 + 10 per upgrade

Regeneration 10

Cold resist 20 + 4 per upgrade

Cost: 36 gold, 60 wood, 8 army upkeep


When their trade routes became unsafe, the Dwarves had to devise new ones. This led to the development of the revolutionary flying machines they named Zeppelins. It didn't take much time for the Dwarves to discover how useful they could be in battle.

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