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Succubus new design

Not every undead looks disgusting nor rattles with its bones. However, one shouldn´t get fooled. The demonical beauties are very good at rattling with bones - of their enemies. Ad they leave their disgusting remains behind.


You wouldn´t dare to hurt a subtle gentle woman, do you? Right, drop your bow, put the arrow back into the sash. And instantly you will know how gentle this woman really is!

Lilian, fighting the Elves

 Base stats[]

Army upkeep: 20

Damage: 400 (Fire) (+15 per level of "Special Weapons")

HP: 840 (+20 per level of "Infernal Origin")

Regeneration: 15 (+1 per level of "Dark Amulet")

Normal resist: 40

Cost: 160 gold, 160 iron