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Dark and forbidden magic reanimates dead bodies into mindless, unwilling slaves. The ranks of skeletons swell with every foe they slay, and although they are frail and slow, they overwhelm those foolish enough to stand against them in a flood of rattling bones.


During the first great war against the necromancers, the people of Emporea quickly learned that proper disposal of the fallen is an important aspect of defense against the Undead. Cremation has since become the norm.

Chronicles of Emporea.

Base stats Edit

Army upkeep: 1

Damage: 13

HP: 35 (+1 per level of "Bones of Steel")

Regeneration: 20 (+1 per level of "Rise of the Dead")

Normal resist: 20 (+2 per level of "Macabre Dance")

Cost: 4 wood, 6 iron

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