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Rune smith new design

Smiths are highly esteemed members of Dwarven society, they are artisans as well as craftsmen. The finest and most skilled among them earn the right to advance further in their sacred profession, eventually becoming Runesmiths. They combine magic and smith work, fashioning truly wonderful masterpieces.

Basic stats

Damage 240 (Fire) + 14 per upgrade

Healthpoints 860

Regeneration 0 + 1 per upgrade

Fire resist 50 + 4 per upgrade

Special ability: When researched Runesmith gives Fire resist to allied forces (up to +20 whe Runesmiths upkeep is 1/5 of an army)

Cost: 120 gold, 120 stone, 15 army upkeep


Runic magic is probably the most guarded secret in Emporea. Even the wisest of the Elven sages hasn't been able to fully comprehend their powers.

Chronicles of Emporea.