Camp 35

Very Hard Portal

What's the point of portals?Edit

Portals are a special type of camp.  For their level, they are lightly defended, and give worse rewards.  You can also only raid one portal at once (you cannot launch an attack on a portal until any armies raiding portals have finished their battle and are on their way back to your castle) and battle rounds at portals take 5 minutes. Also, portals will vanish from the map after 5 raids (whether from one player or multiple). So you'll constantly have to keep an eye out for new portals appearing near you with the resource type you need.

However!  Portals cost 0cp to raid.  So when you're out of CP, or in parallel with raiding other camps, you can raid portals 24/7.

Unless, that is, you need to do things like sleep, or have a life...

When do portals appear? Edit

  • Easy portals, which are green and level 10, appear on the first day.
  • Medium portals, yellow and level 30, appear on day 6.
  • Hard portals, orange and level 50, appear on day 15.
  • Very Hard portals, red and level 70, appear on day 25.

Screenshot 13

Raiding portals with no lossesEdit

These numbers assume no gear and no Fighter skills. Equipping combat gear on your hero, or skills from the Fighter tree, can reduce casualties - see [combat], [hero] and [bonuses] for more details.

To defeat a portal in a single round with no losses, you need...

  • Easy portal - All the highest tier troops that you receive at the start of the game (3 Alchemist, 4 Archdruid, 3 Icefiends, 4 Bone Golems)
  • Medium portal - 10 Lizard Warchief or better.  10 Grunts, 10 Wolf Riders, 10 Flamekin, and 10 Ice Fiends or Gyrocopters also works. Orcs have the advantage here from having tougher troops.
  • Hard portal - 2 Hell Brute, 8 each of your other troop types
  • Very Hard portal (and above) - not possible

Obviously, equipping gear that improves Raided Resources makes portals more profitable - but if you haven't got the troop types above (each of which has high HP), weaker troops with combat gear equipped on your hero and/or fighter skills may let you find another combination.

Of course, by the time the Very Hard portals appear you should have some reasonable fighting gear, skill points, troop researches and a few of the immortals which then make it possible to raid them without loss.

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