Nightmare new design

A horror from the depths of the underworld, these abominations are evil and madness incarnate. Their mere presence sucks the very life from mortals, and they twist this essence to prolong their vile existence.


The wooden gate of the keep burst open, and dark clouds of oily smoke invaded the hall. Instead of dissipating, the smoke solidified, and bestial features and two talons shot out of the cloud and decapitated the nearest guards in the blink of an eye. I turned tail and ran away as quickly as I could.

Jonathan de Salle, formerly the Count of Salle

 Base stats Edit

Army upkeep: 40

Damage: 720 (+28 per level of "Longer Night")

HP: 2300 (+50 per level of "Parasite")

Regeneration: 10 (+1 per level of "Feast of Souls")

Fire resist: 40

Cost: 350 gold, 300 stone, 150 iron

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