Emporea Wiki

There are 6 mini events. They run for 48 hours and start on alternate Fridays at 12:00 game time in the week between the main events. The first mini event in a realm is the weekend after the first main event.

The mini events are:

Endless Portals

Roll the Dice

Tree of Life


Duels are a test of how well you know your artifacts. You fight in real time battles.

To participate:

  • Join Duels and wait till matchmaking is done
  • Choose one pair of shown artifacts to your advantage
  • Ban one of your opponent's artifacts
  • Choose one type of spell damage
  • Wait for result

There are no real army loses in the fight

Bonus attributes and unit upgrades are excluded

You have a chance to be rewarded with a Time Stone after each Duel.

Hungry Giants