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Ice Fiends are brutish, hulking giants who live among Emporea's snowy mountain peaks or frozen wastelands. Since these inhospitable areas are often short on food, the Fiends steal from everyone they can. Their ruthless nature makes them perfect allies for the likewise merciless Orcs.

Trained in: Frozen Den

Basic stats

Damage 225 ( Cold)

Healthpoints 650 + 40 per upgrade

Regeneration 20 + 1 per upgrade

Normal resist 30 + 4 per upgrade

Special ability: If researched Ice fiend gives cold resistant the higher their upkeep to an army upkeep ( up to 20 cold resist when Ice Fiends upkeep is 1/5 of an army)

Cost: 70 wood, 140 stone, 15 army upkeep

Section heading[]

One of the Fiends' strongest weapons is their nauseating odor. These filthy creatures care little about personal hygiene, and the only time they bathe is when they are shot at by Frost Cannons.

Memoirs of a Dwarven soldier