Altar of Gods

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  • Every Emporea game world has a beginning and an end.
  • Each world lasts exactly 14 WEEKS!
  • Emporea can be won in group as an alliance, not as a single player (but single players can join the worlds, too!)
  • The world winner is decided in the last boss fight with a malevolent deity, Xoggoth - the alliance who deals the most damage to this creature, wins!
  • Alliances have to build the Altar of Gods to be able to join the boss fights
  • The higher the altar level, the bigger are the bonuses the Altar provides to its alliance during the game play


ALTAR OF GODS - ultimate structure on the world map, built by alliances, providing them with various bonuses  PROVINCE - Emporea world is divided into provinces (each province includes a temple and 4, 5 or 6 fortresses) FORBIDDEN TEMPLE - object on the world map, produces tears for its owner; the alliance which conquers the temple becomes a province owner! FORTRESSES - objects on the world map, producing tears for their owner TEARS OF GODS - countable "substance" needed for construction of Altar of Gods, collectable from Fortresses and Forbidden Temples



  • an alliance can build only one Altar
  • Altar can be built/upgraded by an alliance founder or by any member whose rights include the "RIGHT TO UPGRADE ALLIANCE"
  • to upgrade the altar level to next level, an alliance needs to collect a certain amount of resources and tears
  • altar provides the alliance members with various bonuses, please, see more on this topic here:



  • each temple owned by an alliance produces 30 tears per hour
  • each owned fortress within an owned province produces 10 tears per hour
  • each owned fortress within a NOT owned province produces 1 tear per hour


  • if a fortress owned by the alliance A within a province owned by A is conquered by the alliance B, the alliance B gets 50 tears instantaneously
  • in any other case of conquering of a fortress, conquerors gain 5 tears


  • Players can gain tears as rewards in the first two boss fights (with Harvester and Storm Reaver)
  • Alliances can gain tears as rewards in the various competitions and events throughout the world


  • each owned fortress within an owned province gives the alliance members a +1% bonus to their hourly resource production
  • if your alliance conquers a fortress owned by another alliance, you will get 10000 resources instantaneously (divided among players present in the attack)
  • if you conquer a neutral fortress in another alliance's province, you don't receive any resources


  • after a temple is conquered, 300 keepers and 5000 keeperlings will spawn as the temple garrison
    after a temple is conquered by the alliance A, all of the province's fortresses owned by A gain 100 keepers as garrison
  • 100 keepers will spawn in re-taken & later conquered fortresses of the province as well
  • 10 keepers will spawn in any other case of conquering of a fortress


  • fortresses have protection for the first 10 days of the world existence - they can be attacked only after the protection is over
  • to break the protection of the Forbidden temple, at least half of the provinces have to be conquered (by any alliance)
  • if the temple owner conquers at least at least a half of the fortresses in his own province, the temple is entitled to endless protection, which will start 4 hours after conquering the last of the needed fortresses
  • if the temple owner loses the fortresses and does not possess at least a half of them within the province, a 4 hour temple's countdown will start – after these 4 hours (unless the temple owner manages to re-take at least a half of the province's fortresses back), all alliances will be able to attack the temple
  • after a temple is conquered, a 36 hour protection starts - after which the temple will have the endless protection if the temple's owner owns at least half of the fortresses in the province
  • if a fortress is conquered by the alliance A within a province owned by A, the fortress will gain a 24 hours protection
  • in any other case of conquering of a fortress, the fortress will gain a 6 hours protection
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