Death knight new design

Fearsome warriors of great martial skill without mercy or remorse. Clad in heavy rune-engraved armour, these deadly knights have passed beyond the veil of death and made an unholy pact with the grim reaper to be his agents.


Once a proud and noble order of chivalrous knights, the Order of the Ebon Sword was corrupted by Sartonas' promises and lies, and then tricked into eternal servitude.

Chronicles of Emporea.

 Base stats Edit

Army upkeep: 20

Damage: 300 (+12 per level of "Unholy Steel")

HP: 1350 (+30 per level of "Malignancy")

Regeneration: 0

Normal resist: 30 (+3 per level of "Shadow Steed")

Cost: 110 gold, 70 wood, 180 iron

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