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Locate a city on a map

The location of a particular city on the map of a game world is determined by its coordinates - to find out the coordinates, you need to hover the mouse cursor over the icon of the city and you will see the two numbers representing the coordinates in the "Position" column. The coordinates represent the position of a city on the X and Y axes of the world map.

You can go through the map screen by clicking on the left mouse button, holding the button and moving the mouse into the same direction you want the map screen to move - like this, you can manually find any object on the map. However, this becomes tricky many times as the map of a game world is large and it might take long before you can find what you were looking for.

If you cant locate a city on the map manually but know its coordinates, you might type them into the two boxes beneath the game time (upper side of the game screen, in the middle)- type the first number in the "X" box and the second number into the "Y" box and confirm. The map screen will switch with the city you were looking for being placed exactly in the middle of the game screen.

How to relocate an existing city

To move a city position to another location of on the map of your choice, you will need a special item called "CITY TRANSFER SCROLL."   If you are in possession of this item, here are the steps to do this:

1.) Open your hero's Inventory and click on the CITY TRANSFER SCROLL (icon of a tower highlighted with a "+" symbol)

2.) Move your cursor and click on the exact square on the map where you would like to place your existing city

3.) When prompted with the question " Move this city?"  Answer "Yes"   Choose the "Move selected city" option in the right part of the window that appears after completing the previous action by clicking on it

4.) Finish the relocation by clicking on the CONFIRM button in the lower right corner of the game window mentioned in point 3.)

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