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Behemoths are immense and savage beasts the size of houses, and the Orcs are the only people who have ever tried to control them. They do not always succeed in forcing the beasts to do their will, but as they are always willing to fight, all that must be done is to point them at the enemy.

Trained in: Feral lair

Basic stats

Damage 500 (physical) + 25 per upgrade

Healthpoints 2000

Regeneration 20 + 1 per upgrade

Normal resist 20 + 4 per upgrade

Cost: 200 gold, 150 wood, 250 iron, 30 army upkeep


With half of its body burned by the Runesmiths' spell and our projectiles protruding from it like porcupine quills, the beast tore through his guards and seized old Thordreg in its massive claws. He tried to cast a spell to defend himself, but it was already too late ...

Rodulf Driesson, Frost Cannon cannoneer

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