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Dwarf sekernik

Dwarven warriors boast the best equipment and morale of all of Emporea's fighting forces. They have been known to stubbornly hold their defensive positions to the last Dwarf, and they fight with well-crafted, razor-sharp axes which cut through armor, flesh and bone with ease.

Trained in: Axe warrior barracks

Basic Stats

Damage (physical) 24+ 1 per upgrade

Hitpoints 100 + 5 per upgrade

Regeneration 0

Normal resist 20 +3 per upgrade

Cost: 12 stone, 8 iron , 2 army upkeep


Heroic defenders refused to give in, they held the Snowpeak Pass for six days. When we finally arrived to relieve them, the narrow ravine was choked with bodies, and the snow was stained red. The demoralized Orcs were already retreating, but alas, out of the three hundred Dwarves, less than a dozen lived to tell of it.

Ottokar "Boomer" Mathiasson, Dwarven Ace