Emporea Wiki

General info

There are 4 types of artifact sets: combat, economic, builder and magic. Each of them have 1 slot for head, neck, shoulders, body armor, legs, belt and 2 for rings, things that you can grab in hands and pockets. There are 4 types of artifacts: valuable (white) , rare (blue) , legendary ( purple) and unique ( gold). Artifacts can be obtained by attacking neutral camps, fighting on the arena, winning them for a certain amount of points on the arena and buying them during the event. Economic set is always active and focus on bonus prdouction for buildings and research speed, builders set is used to reduce build cost of buildings, faster recruitment and construction. Magic set is granting a additional mana store, mana production, magic damage, reach of spells, spell cooldown recovery, effects of positive spells and magic clouds fading speed. Combat set is everything else- every type of resist, damage, hitpoints, regeneration, upkeep, artifacts and runes discovery (bonus). Experience is boosted by set that have the biggest amount of that bonus.

Upgrading artifacts

When upgrading artifacts each level of difference decreases the chance of success by 50% of value. That means when you want to upgrade 2nd level artifact with 1st level artifacts you have 50% chance to success, 3rd level with 1st level you have only 25% chance to success, 4th level with 1st level with only 13% chance and so on. Note that if you fail to upgrade artifact, you loose weaker one.

Treasure points

Every class of artifacts has it value: valuable 2 ( for every level value increases x2 of previous level +1), rare 8 ( x2 +2) , legendary ( x2+5), unique 40 (x2 +15). When you reach certain amount of tresure points ( 100, 1000, 3000, 6000, 10,000 . 15,000) in the next world, you gain a chest with loot containing from 1 valuable artifact and medium amount of each resource to 3 valuable artifacts, 2 rare, 2 legendary and large amount of each resource.

Valuable artifacts

Amutel of peace (economic, neck)

[1]Obsidian Tiara (economic, head) +5% stone prduction +3% per level

[2] Scepter of obeisance (economic, hand) + 5% gold production +3% per level