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Archdruid new design

To Elves, the flow of magic in Emporea is like a constant refreshing breeze. Those most in tune with these breezes study the art of magic and become Archdruids, Elven priests who can convince the forces of nature to produce wondrous miracles to protect their people.

Basic stats

Damage 160 (Cold) + 8 per upgrade

Healthpoints 500 + 10 per upgrade

Regeneration 0

Cold resist 40 + 4 per upgrade

Special ability: When researched archdruid rises allys regeneration ( up to +10% when archdruids upkeep is 1/5 of army upkeep)

Cost: 70 wood, 70 iron, 10 army upkeep


The Archdruid stood high above the forest, borne aloft by a mighty Ent. He held his arms outstretched above his head for a time, then suddenly pointed at the enemy. The tornado roared down upon them, and soon there was nothing left of what had been a terrible horde only seconds ago.

Tens Tymo Nym, Dwarf King