Acolyte new design

Only the ambitious, foolish or reckless choose to walk the path of the acolyte. They are mere puppets in the hands of their master, and receive no better treatment than the animated skeletons.


Nature teaches us to protect life and respect all living beings, even the savage Orcs. But today's foe is not alive! These wretches are an affront to life, show them no mercy and unleash your righteous wrath. Annihilate their bodies and put their souls to rest.

Archdruid Valatris

Base stats Edit

Army upkeep: 3

Damage: 50 (+2 per level od "Wrath")

HP: 120 (+4 per level of "Dark Armor")

Regeneration: 10 (+1 per level of "Fortitude")

Normal resist: 20

Cost: 20 gold, 16 stone

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